You may have spotted us honking our horns and tickling the ivories on the streets of Berlin. Maybe you’ve seen us causing a raucous, tearing up the dance floor and jiving away on stage. Wherever it may be, whatever time it is, whoever we are playing to… We are always causing a wild jazz party!

Whether it be your wedding, a corporate event, conference or a house party, we can provide the fun entertainment you need to make the night unforgettable! Perhaps you are looking for a simple duo/ trio act for your event. Or maybe you’re looking for a big band ensemble to perform all the swinging jazz hits like it was in the 1920s! Whatever it is you’re after, we can certainly provide with a number of talented musicians. These instrumentalists include the trumpet, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals.

Message us on our contact page, or email KODOJAZZCOLLECTIVE@GMAIL.COM